This film was Clarence’s final project for his Africology 312 class (Church in African-American Life) at UWM.


(Short Documentary)
A quest to find the commonality in religion.


Writer/Director Clarence E. Garrett
Camera/Editor/Producer Kristin E. Catalano
Production Assistant Nicole (Brown) Docta




Running time 00:03:13
Year of completion 2006

The following is the one-page accompaniment that Clarence submitted with his film, which he got an”A” on.

Clarence Garrett
Final Project Findings, Africology 312


I made this film to prove a point.  There are so many different religions in the world and every one of these faiths has their own beliefs.  Faith is a good thing, it keeps many people going, but it seems like all of the differences in religion lie in the unknown.  My God is better than your God; after we die, I will go here, if you don’t believe the same as me, you will go there.

We have the Catholics, the Buddhists, the Lutherans, the Pentecostals, the Jewish, the Hindus, the list goes on and on… even bring in the agnostics and the atheists.  Now, an atheist isn’t “religious,” but you can bet your life they have a scientific theory about the unknown.

And then there are all of these labels, all of these names that people call themselves, so they can belong to a particular faith or group.  It just seems like all of these religions differ and argue and fight and snub one another over something that is not only incomprehensible to the human mind, but that is totally, 100% factless.  Yet, everyone is convinced that they know what happens after you die, some go so far as to suggest that God or Allah or whatever you want to call this “Higher Power” is their best friend from kindergarten, and that they will meet Him again one day in His backyard filled with juicy apple trees.  I guess that is called faith.

But, to me, it seems like different faiths should stop disagreeing on the unknown and start recognizing that they all agree on the known.  What you do and how you act right NOW, during THIS LIFE, as we know it, is what matters.  All of that other stuff… you’ll find out about, or won’t, for that matter, after you die.